Virtual Tours & Interactive 360 Panoramic Photography

About Interactive ProMedia

Since its conception, we have continually strived to offer the highest possible quality 360º panoramas to a wide range of businesses. In order to achieve this we ...

  • Listen to, and learn about, our customers. In doing so we can be sure to produce a virtual tour that is right for you and your clients, displayed in the right format and using the most suitable viewing software.
  • Take our time to produce the necessary photographs for each and every panorama. As with all good photography, the fundamentals (composition, lighting, focus, exposure, etc) are critical to the production of interactive 360º panoramas.
  • Create all our 360º panoramas by stitching together 6x3 + high-resolution images. Yes the panoramas are stitched (as are the vast majority of the highest quality panoramas from good virtual tour photographers)
  • Commit all our expertise to produce a 360º panorama that is crisp, clear and pin sharp.
  • Utilise the latest in digital imaging hardware and software. This has enabled us to reduce the production time, and thus the cost to your company, but never at the expense of image quality.

In addition to telling you what we do do, we feel it is almost as important to tell you what we don’t do. We never ...

  • Use inferior low quality systems like IPIX or ‘One Shot’ systems. The image quality is so poor that we simply would not contemplate such an offering.
  • Do ‘one day rush jobs’, i.e. produce the photographs for 20 + panoramas in a couple of hours. It takes time to produce good photography.
  • Have a turnaround time of 24 hours. As with the production of the photographs, the post production stage also takes time, but if your work is urgent we will do everything in our power to deliver the work as soon as possible, but not at the expense of image quality.